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I'm a YouTube fan now

I heard about YouTube for the first time yesterday in an article from I forget where. Today, I went to the YouTube site and found this wonderful introduction: the Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie fight from UFC 60.

Spoilers below the fold.

Hughes is pretty impressive. But so is Gracie. He's 39, and not particularly impressive-looking for a UFC guy. The commentators mentioned that he's never been submitted in a mixed martial arts competition. Even though Hughes wins this one in the first round, it isn't by submission.

I wonder how this one would have turned out if the ref hadn't been able to stop the fight? My guess is Hughes still would have won, but what do I know? It looked to me like Gracie was finished when Hughes got that arm bar, but Gracie somehow got out of it.

UPDATE: Did you catch who one of the commentators was? That's right: Fear Factor's Joe Rogan.


it's annoyingly addictive isn't it? put it together with google video and productivity drops into the negative numbers.

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