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The best argument against prosecuting midwives is...

I'm not one of those people who thinks that watching a baby get born is such a miraculous and transformative experience -- I'm just not that transfixed. So I suppose it isn't surprising that the debate over home births and midwives doesn't matter much to me one way or the other. Feminism, the medical establishment, the miracle of birth. . . yawn. If the state made home births illegal, or if they went to the other extreme and stopped regulating midwives altogether, I'd get along either way.

What really gets my goat, though, is that a mom or a newborn baby would encounter an unexpected problem and because of some yawner of a law, not get the emergency care that they need. This is why the prize for the best argument against prosecuting unlicensed midwives goes to:

"The current law, Ms. Welch said, drives midwives underground. "I don't want to have a midwife hesitate to take a woman to the hospital because she is afraid she will be arrested," she said.

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