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I'm going to be an emergency medicine resident!

Today, I learned that I've matched. Somewhere. I don't really know where yet, other than it's at one of the nine programs I listed on my rank order list.

I've avoided the scramble, and that makes me extremely happy. It would have been tough to try to get one of the very few unfilled positions in emergency medicine. Fortunately, I've already got one.

I'm enormously grateful to everyone who's helped me get to this point. Ever since I went to the ED of the old St. Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs as an EMT student and watched the victims of a mass shooting in a biker bar brought in and cared for, I've wanted to be an emergency physician. I've always thought I could be a pretty good one, if only because I think it's so fun, and challenging, and worthwhile. Now it'll be up to me to make the most of my three (or four) years of residency. I'm extremely fortunate to be here, and I'm going to make the most of it.

Wherever I end up.


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Congratulations! Still hoping you'll find yourself in Chicago, but that's just me being selfish. Let us know when you find out the final destination and we'll celebrate properly!


Now you're in for it. Take those happy days of law school and put them way way behind you. Residency will work you and you will pay. However ED residency probably is not as painful as other residencies. Let me know where you end up, or give me a call and we'll talk (I'll update you on how painful a surgery residency can be). Nonetheless congrats!!
802 238-3960

Congratulations! That's big news.

Btw, my very similar ER visit last October courtesy of a nasty virus cost approximately $2100, most of which was fortunately paid for by my insurance.

Thanks, everyone. I'm still floating around, and it hasn't even sunk in yet.

This *might* even be better than watching Blue Velvet for the 63rd time...

Good luck. Check out my blog, http://www.fingersandtubesineveryorifice.blogspot.com. I'm very much burned out after 15 years. Emergency Medicine has the highest burn out rate, just to let you know. Additionally, being a hospital based physician you are at the mercy of hospital administrators as your group's contract is up for renegotiation yearly or every 2 years at most places. Residency doesn't teach you the business of Emergency Medicine.

On the hand, you get to see a lot of cool cases. And the bonus, no calls once you step out of the ED.

Hey, congrats! I'm an intern in EM, you might remember me. Where are you headed? Drop me a line and we'll catch up.

Wandered on your blog while searching for other EM resident sites - not many out there. I'm in my final months of EM residency and will be working as academic staff at a large, urban program in a few short months. How the time has flown by. NB: EM has a high burnout rate, but there is nothing more rewarding in all of medicine - no matter what the knife-wielders will tell you. Best of luck, make us proud and get ready to put the big-boy/girl pants on, you'll need 'em.

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