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Thresher shark: mmm, good!

Dinner tonight:

  • Thresher shark with sauteed shallots and lime juice
  • Microgreen salad with chopped apple, walnuts, and blue cheese crumbles

This was the first time I'd had thresher shark. It's a lot like the other big predatory fishies like tuna and swordfish -- very firm and steaklike.


Carey, shark is loaded with mercury. Very bad for you. Worse for girls of course. :)

I had mako shark once, and it was possibly the most unique and tasty seafood I've ever had. Then I took an oceanography course with a professor who made it a personal crusade to fight the consumption of things like swordfish and shark. To this day, I can't figure out if I feel guilty or not.

I'm never sure whether to feel guilty about Chilean sea bass.

"Man Bites Shark" eh?

Well - many species are also full of amonia and not terribly edible, but glad you could enjoy your selachophobia last meal! Hahahhahaha!


You should feel guilty (my opinion) about eating sharks--pretty much any sharks--and "Chilean seabass" = Patagonian toothfish. These fisheries are entirely unsustainable and you are using your money to hasten extinction.

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