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Moderation in all things -- including your diet

Last week, a major study demonstrated that eating a low-fat diet doesn't lower the risk of heart disease and cancer. Greg Critser describes the health and dietary age that he hopes this study has helped to end:

In a sense, "the era" was neo-Galenic, by which I refer to the 2nd century physician who believed that all bodily ailments could be righted by balancing bodily humors with the right foods, bleeding and herbs. Such is the function — if not the stated intent — of our focus on finding and popularizing perfect dietary content. Right food, right bodily reaction, right health.

What does Mr. Critser hope will replace this neo-Galenism?
Bring back an old era — the Renaissance. And forget the tights and floppy hats. Let's look at how elites in another period of abundance and change thought about eating.


My teeth are hard and feet are on fire. Not only from my pathetic, refined diet, but also from the 30hr shifts, and continued stress of attempting to save lives. The saving of others is the death of my life-maybe this is altruism-A priesthood of medicine. How shall we eat, how shall we live? Does it really make a difference when no one hears my screams as the skin on my feet peels away from this 4 year roasting. Altrusism is rewarded with pharmacy rep pens, cheap sandwiches and a degree on a piece of paper I couldn't even wipe my ass with.
P.S. Good luck on match day

Mayhaps you could wipe your ass with the pharmacy rep pens??

Kayvon! Email me when -- if -- you get the chance. I'd love to hear more about how things are going. The address is at the top of my blog.

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