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Marc Fisher doesn't mind "if insurers see records of everyone's personal behavior..." Huh? I don't mind if they see the records of Marc Fisher's behavior either, but keep them out of mine. My premiums might go up if they knew about my dry pasta habit...

Meanwhile, I'll throw up my random ten from iTunes (although the catblogging thing is really more interesting).

  1. Rush, Kid Gloves, Grace Under Pressure
  2. Rush, New World Man, Signals
  3. Duran Duran, The Reflex, Decade
  4. Primus, Bob's Party Time Lounge, Brown Album
  5. Miles Davis, The Meaning of the Blues, Miles Ahead
  6. Duke Ellington, It Don't Mean a Thing if it Aint Got that Swing, The Best of the Complete RCA Victor Mid-Forties Recordings (1944-1946)
  7. Charlie Parker, What Is This Thing Called Love?, Charlie Parker Plays Standards
  8. Charles Mingus, Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat, Three or Four Shades of Blues
  9. Angelo Badalamenti, Into the Night, Soundtrack to Twin Peaks
  10. INXS, Salvation Jane, The Best of INXS


Re: dry pasta

Yes, especially if they knew that I hate people who eat loud, and risk violent death every night.

Yeah, I like pasta al dente, but dry? It has never even occurred to me to try it that way. I'd be afraid of breaking my teeth.

1. ... or my gelato habit!
2. a BIG yes to INXS, Charlie Parker and Duke Ellington.

Ulterior Epicure

It's hard to pick apart a list that includes Davis, Ellington, Parker, and Mingus.

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