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A Very Big Day

Apart from Match Day itself, today is the biggest day in the whole residency match process.

Today is the deadline for submitting my rank order list for this year's residency match. After I submit my list, I'll be contractually committed to accepting a position at whatever program pops out of the Match Computer in March. And the identity of that program depends heavily on how I order my list. So, today is a Very Big Day.

It feels like a big day even though my list has been set for a long time already, and even though I'm pretty excited about most of the programs on my list. Because I'm not in medical school or surrounded with medical students, though, I feel like today is my own private holiday -- with a visit from the mailman to boot!

I think I'll celebrate by doing the reading for my Federal Courts class tomorrow: state procedural foreclosure of federal habeus corpus review. Ok, and a cold beer to go with that.

[For people who aren't familiar with the medical residency match, here's what happens. Residency applications aren't handled like applications for law firm jobs or clerkships. Instead of each firm or judge making you an offer which you are free to accept or decline, each residency applicant submits a list of all the programs they'd like to be considered for to a central organization, the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). Meanwhile, each residency program submits a list of all the candidates they would like to train. These lists are ordered from the most desired program/applicant at #1, to the least desired program/applicant that's still acceptable. A big Central Computer uses a mysterious algorithm to match applicants with residency programs given how highly each ranks the other. For example, if I rank a program #1, and that program ranks me #1, then the computer will match us up (and we'll both be happy). It's a little more complicated when I've ranked a program #4 and they've ranked me #33.]


Good luck, Carey. I know how important these two days are. My sister agonized for months over the match process.

She got her top choice, though, and I wish the same to you.

Best of luck on your match, Carey! I remember Rosanne's match day well. It was nerve-racking, but very happy.

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