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Pennsylvania EMS recruiting video

Via Random Acts of Reality, watch this video.

"You've got to have badass in your blood."


I think being a paramedic sounds like an awesome job, but I've always wondered whether it's a viable career. Do you have any idea about the average length of work? It seems like the stress and physical demands are prohibitive. Cops can eventually get desk jobs or easier beats, but it seems different for EMTs.

I'm not sure how long paramedics stay in the field, but I've heard plenty of complaints about the lack of opportunities for paramedics to move up and out as they get older.

Cops, of course, can aspire to a detective or a desk job, but there aren't as many of these kinds of jobs for an old paramedic. Some of them get involved with teaching; some of them go to nursing or medical school, and some of them become cops.

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