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Headed to Kansas City?

And do you like Chinese food? Then this review of Kansas City Chinese restaurants is for you, thanks to the ulterior epicure. This isn't just a namby-pamby review, either:

I must defend New China King against Charles Ferruzza, who’s underwhelming review in the pitch (July, 2005) made him (with all due respect Mr. Ferruzza) sound like a bumbling idiot.

Good stuff! But mostly, it's about the food.



thanks for the support! i hope you do make it down to k.c. someday - there's some mighty good food and jazz happenin'!


i'm with you in defending New China King, but it's unfortunately apparently closed. Hubby and I went there Saturday 2/4/06 to find an empty parking lot and a realty sign on the doors. We loved NCK, thought they offered a great alternative to Bo Ling's for dim sum, and were pleased when they expanded the weekends to include regular buffet items as well as dim sum. We were very unhappy to find it gone.

Anybody know of other dim sum places in the KC Metro? Thanks!

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