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Americans get what they said they wanted

This article from the New York Times talks a lot about the disappointment among Democrats that Samuel Alito will probably be confirmed. It quotes a bunch of Democratic leaders who question the strategies that failed to block Alito, and who bemoan the difficulty of building opposition to this far-right nominee.

But let's not forget that things are working just as they're supposed to in a democracy. The American people may not have elected George W. Bush the first time, but they certainly chose to re-elect him. Now, they're getting what they asked for.

Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill) gives us the bottom-line: "If you don't like it, you better win elections." The Democrats haven't won the important elections. The people are responsible for putting Republicans in charge of all three branches of the federal government. Now, it's time for the people to live with the consequences of their choice.

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