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6000 pounds of speeding death on wheels

Twice this week I've almost been run over by careless drivers.

Two or three days ago I was crossing an intersection with the light and someone turned right across my path at about 30 mph without slowing -- a near miss. Today, I had just gotten the signal to cross the street when a big silver Cadillac with an elderly driver behind the wheel blew through the red light as if he hadn't even noticed it (which I'm sure he hadn't). Fortunately, I noticed him, or else I wouldn't be here posting on this blog.

The point of the story? For pedestrians, the cars always have the right of way.


I think cross walks are one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians! I have to park about a half mile from my office and after being almost hit at least 4 or 5 times(usually by huge SUVs driven by people on cell phones), I started jay walking. Now, I wait for the traffic to line up at the four-way stop and cross in the middle of the block behind the line of traffic. It's so much safer, and I just dare a cop to give me a ticket!

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