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Let's all just trust him

In his post entitled "Do You Trust Him?" Hugh Hewitt attempts to placate conservatives disappointed with the Miers nomination by posing the following rhetorical question:

Wake up people: Do you really think W is going to elevate a friend who doesn't agree with him on the crucial issues of the day just because she's a friend?

Come on, Hugh. Everyone knows that there is no such thing as a person who simultaneously a) is a friend of George W. Bush, and b) disagrees with Bush on the crucial issues of the day.

The reason the hard-right social conservatives are worried about Miers is that, for good reason, they're beginning to doubt whether Bush is committed to anything beyond loyalty to his friends. If he did (these conservatives reason), Bush should have passed up a loyal friend with an asshat resume in favor of a McConnell or a Luttig -- a competent person with a proven record of supporting socially conservative values.*

The real gripe that Hewitt has with conservatives who don't like Miers is betrayed by the title of his post. Hugh Hewitt trusts Bush, and he thinks everyone else ought to trust him as well. Never mind Michael Brown; never mind Bush's willingness to tolerate the abasement of our armed forces by condoning torture in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. One wonders how bad Bush's performance would have to get before Hugh Hewitt would stop blindly trusting George W. Bush.

I suspect that this overenthusiasm for Bush is behind Hewitt's drivel about Miers being an "Article II-inclined justice" (whatever that means) who understands the "GWOT" (conservative code for "global war on terror"). Apparently, Hewitt thinks the best way to win the GWOT is to let a strong President do what he wants, and for the Article I and Article III branches of our government to get out of the way. I think that's just ridiculous, but it certainly does reinforce the impression that a nation of Hugh Hewitts would be a nation that would turn to fascism to defeat terrorism.

* I put aside the question about whether it makes sense to talk this way about judges.

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