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Miers: Bush crony?

We'll learn more about Harriet Miers in the next few weeks. But at first glance, she looks like an underqualified Bush crony.

It's not that she's unqualified; she's had a long career as a lawyer and it seems to have been a reasonably successful one. It's when you compare Miers with the other qualified candidates that she looks like a lightweight.

Bush could have chosen a competent and widely respected conservative like Michael McConnell. He could have chosen a competent and very devisive conservative like J. Michael Luttig. But no -- Bush passed over all these leading lights of conservative jurisprudence to nominate one of his friends from Texas.

Senate Democrats and those Republicans who value competent governance over blind party loyalty should tell Bush to find somebody else. We've seen what damage this president's crony picks can do to an agency like FEMA. None of us want a Michael Brown on the Supreme Court.

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