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I will now link approvingly to Ann Coulter

I know my friends can hardly believe it.

However -- this Ann Coulter article about the Miers nomination is laced with delights.

Unfortunately for Bush, he could nominate his Scottish terrier Barney, and some conservatives would rush to defend him, claiming to be in possession of secret information convincing them that the pooch is a true conservative and listing Barney's many virtues -- loyalty, courage, never jumps on the furniture ...

I love to see Ann Coulter taking her rhetorical knife to fellow conservatives. At least Coulter realizes that fawning deference is an embarrassing thing to watch, no matter who's doing it.

Here, Coulter deftly explains why people like Hugh Hewitt and the nine republican senators who voted against the McCain amendment can plausibly be accused of "fawning deference" to George W. Bush:

First, Bush has no right to say "Trust me." He was elected to represent the American people, not to be dictator for eight years. Among the coalitions that elected Bush are people who have been laboring in the trenches for a quarter-century to change the legal order in America. While Bush was still boozing it up in the early '80s, Ed Meese, Antonin Scalia, Robert Bork and all the founders of the Federalist Society began creating a farm team of massive legal talent on the right.

Somebody tell that to Sen. Wayne Allard, please. But this next bit from Coulter is even more brilliant. Well, maybe it isn't brilliant, but when no one else is saying it, it looks really really smart:

To be sure, if we were looking for philosopher-kings, an SMU law grad would probably be preferable to a graduate from an elite law school. But if we're looking for lawyers with giant brains to memorize obscure legal cases and to compose clearly reasoned opinions about ERISA pre-emption, the doctrine of equivalents in patent law, limitation of liability in admiralty, and supplemental jurisdiction under Section 1367 -- I think we want the nerd from an elite law school. Bush may as well appoint his chauffeur head of NASA as put Miers on the Supreme Court.

ERISA preemption! Yes! Coulter reminds us that the Supremes do a lot of nitty-gritty work that puts most the political zealots on the left and on the right to sleep. Any monkey can overturn Roe v. Wade. Only a smart, qualified Justice can do a good job with ERISA (and sometimes even they have trouble).

Coulter even manages to get her licks in on the subject of law school rankings:

Harriet Miers went to Southern Methodist University Law School, which is not ranked at all by the serious law school reports and ranked No. 52 by US News and World Report.

Like I said, brilliant. I don't doubt that my friends will all forgive me.


Even though she sounds like a lunactic most of the time, I have a softspot for Ann because she went to Michigan. "Unfortunately for Bush, he could nominate his Scottish terrier Barney, and some conservatives would rush to defend him" It is refreshing to hear this (esp coming from Coulter)...Miss Beasley anyone? There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

Coulter better be careful or she will be "disappeared" from the respectable journals of conservative opinion as surely as Pat Buchanan was when he dared to speak honestly about Israel. Among the neoconservatives you're not supposed to notice that the emperor is naked.

There is a whole litany of reasons why Pat Buchanan is now a laughing stock. Most have nothing to do with Israel, a convenient scapegoat. Yes, Israel needs to be called out from time-to-time, but no more than any other nation. Both the zionists and the anti-zionists are wrong in my opinion.
Maybe the fact that he's not just an anti-zionist, but an anti-semite as well (and I don't consider the two equivalent)has something to do with it. Buchanan has praised Adolf Hitler, and when confronted by a large group of college students from all over the Boston area, his retort was to snidely ask, "So, how did Brandeis' football team do this year?" beyond the fact that this reply was a total non-sequitor, the fact that Brandeis was the first school he thought of, when looking to insult the crowd, is telling. Hey, my brother went to Brandeis, and it is still probably the fourth or fifth school I would think of when asked to list Boston area colleges.

don't know if i'd go as far as linking to ann coulter "approvingly..." the woman calls liberals "the devil." a wolf in sheep's clothing is still...the church lady. wait, i mean...

Larry, the evidence of Pat Buchanan's anti-semitism is rather slim. Pointing out the duplicity and venality of AIPAC and the Zionist "amen-corner" in the US Senate hardly qualifies as anti-semitism. In fact, to paraphrase an old conservative retort, the best definition of an anti-semite is somone who is winning an argument with a Zionist. Praised Adlof Hitler? Please Larry, that is the most absurd bit of propoganda I've heard in a while. Asking for restaint when prursuing an old man like John Demjanjuk is just common sense, and commenting on Hitler's organizational abilities is faint praise indeed.

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