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Should the third year of law school be abolished?

Daniel Solove and Laura Appleman are debating that question at legal affairs.


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Why not just abolish law school all together.

So, let me get this straight. You put in this entry at 7:40 in the p.m. which gave you over two hours to get over to bowling. I guess it was too rainy for you to bike over. You should have called me, I would have driven and picked you up. You are our team's spiritual leader, Dr. Cuprisin, my game sucked in your absence. Sam, on the other hand, kicked ass. :)

I'll go for the suggestion of abolishing law school entirely, in the sense that law should be a department (or at most an undergraduate school) at the undergraduate level, and the first professional degree should be a bachelor's (bring back the LL.B.!!!!). I'm seriously thinking that the only reason that law school is a 3 year post-bachelor's program is that lawyers want to put on the air of having a "doctoral" degree, because they're jealous of physicians.

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