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Medical students tired, underworked?

The New York Times has this article about medical students:

While sleep deprivation and long workdays are deemed rites of passage for medical students, there is growing concern among medical educators that students may be spending excessive hours in hospitals doing work of little educational value, to the detriment of their education and health.

I'll have to hold my comments for later -- must read for class now.


Though not in the medical profession, my understanding is that it is a longstanding problem that doctors and other medical staff work hours that are detrimental to the provision of high-quality medical care. The fact that students are being asked to put in these hours for no reason seems symptomatic of the profession. Perhaps there is a need for a broader cultural shift rather than simply regulations binding students?

I would like to hear Carey's comments. I personally have wondered whether states should be funding/accrediting more medical schools in cooperation with support from the AMA and AAMC

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