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Glorfindel's review of undergrad fashion trends

Here we are at the University of Michigan, where seemingly limitless numbers of undergraduates have recently returned to campus and are ready to embark upon another year of reading, writing, and binge drinking.

From this vantage point, we are well-placed to observe and comment on this year's fashion trends among the adults-under-25 set. We can see if the passage of time has led to any fresh innovations in the way young adults dress, and we can see which, if any, elements of last year's faddish clothing have followed the unfortunate trajectory of the mid 80s' hottest style: nylon parachute pants.

You may, for example, harbor some idle curiousity about the fate of the most universal rule for young women's fashion since the beginning of the George W. Bush administration. I'm referring, of course, to mandatory midriff exposure, the sine qua non of every hip American woman under the age of 45. Love handles? Let 'em see 'em, in all their stretch-marked glory. Belly-button piercings? They're not worth the $150 you spent if we can't see them in Sociology 305: Topics in Popular Culture. Only 13 years old? You exemplify the fast-paced American lifestyle; I wouldn't be surprised to see you driving a brand new Audi when you turn sixteen!

So let's look around the Michigan campus and try to see whether any time has passed (in the fashion sense) since last year. Let's walk up Hill Street on a Football Weekend, past the frat parties and the sorority houses spilling beer and drunk undergrads across their sidewalks. Let's have a latte in the Starbucks on South U. and watch the college students order one sugar-free raspberry non-fat decaf latte after the other, turning down the volumes on their iPods so they can hear the clerk announce when their drinks are ready.

Let's do all this with an eye for the exposed midriffs that were mandatory last school year. Are they still the hippest thing out there?

Sure seems like it.

How about Butt Shorts? Them, too. Still hip.

Velour pants? Yep.

Gotta love our commitment to innovation and our passionate embrace of individualism!


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Dr. Cuprisin, you are so multi-talented! Who knew that in addition to being a shrewd analyzer of pop culture, political theory and health policy, you were also a fashion critic underneath it all. I love it!

By the way, one of my favorite blogs, and the only fashion blog I read besides yours, is gofugyourself.typepad.com. If you've never seen it, it's hilarious.

Your entry is useless without pics.

My good Doctor! Hilarious! But be careful with your age generalizations--some of us are still under 25 and will be for 2 years. :(
PS Larry, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. :-)

I was young, I needed the money. :) But seriously, are you referring to the results of some heavy drinking at Necto's 1L year? Ahh.. good times.

BTW, being only 23 is nothing to be sad about

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