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For shame! (updated)

NEW YORK -- A doctor's group critical of drug companies is protesting its exclusion from the American Academy of Family Physicians' (AAFP) annual Scientific Assembly—a major event for pharma marketers.
Come on, is exclusion really necessary? Well, maybe it is if the event is less a "scientific assembly" than it is an opportunity for pharmaceutical firms to ply doctors with gifts rather than persuade them with scientific evidence. (Via Matthew Holt.)

EDIT: GruntDoc links to Dr. RW, who links to the No Free Lunch website. Apparently the AAFP has changed its mind. Good for them.

The best part of this story?

No Free Lunch has accepted the AAFP’s invitation and plans to be present at the session which opens September 28 at the Moscone Center. Attendees are encouraged to visit The No Free Lunch booth, #1613, immediately adjacent to that of the California Table Grape Commission.

Open dialogue about the pharmaceutical industry's influence on physicians may not be, but it's reassuring to know that table grapes are definitely "within the character and purpose of the Scientific Assembly."

Here's the AAFP's press release.

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