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A little scavenger hunt

Mark Schmitt at The Decembrist describes the pitifully inadequate resumes of the people Bush chose to lead FEMA, and wonders if we might find more examples of crass cronyism at other federal agencies:

This leads me to suggest an exercise, perfectly suited for the distributed talents of the blogosphere: Where's the next disaster? Are there other agencies where the top staff is so totally unqualified to the job at hand? Let's have some digging into those agency websites. Most probably won't offer the potential for human tragedy that FEMA holds, but let's start with places like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (that director seems marginally qualified) that we know the administration doesn't care about. Foxes guarding the henhouse also qualify.

I would be surprised if we didn't find some other juicy examples out there. Surely Bush has a lot more campaign cronies than can he can stuff FEMA with. Where'd he put the rest? FDA? Treasury? As for foxes guarding the henhouse, my guess amounts to three letters: E. P. A.


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