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Lost Creek Wilderness

My backcountry trip to the Lost Creek Wilderness was amazing. Amazing because I'd lived so close to that area for so long and I'd never been there. Not that I expect to have been everywhere near Colorado Springs that's mountainous and beautiful (you could probably explore for a lifetime and not exhaust all the terrain), but this was a spectacular area full of granite cliffs and lush forests and open meadows. You'da thought I'd have been there a lot already.

There were only two disappointments on this trip. First, I didn't take any pictures because my camera batteries were kaput. Second, we didn't see any bears at all. Not even one. But we did see a beaver, twice. (Or maybe it was two different beavers--they all look the same to me.)


Disappointed that you didn't see any bears? Wanting to get in touch with your inner Timothy Treadwell, eh?