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Apostrophe abuse

Dear Colorado State Parks Webmaster,

I'm from Colorado, and and I'm very proud of the state's park system. That's why I was so disappointed to see such an egregious misuse of the apostrophe on the Colorado State Parks website, at the following URL:


This is the offending text: "Come see nature’s canvas in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. Gold’s, red’s and orange’s guide your tour from Colorado Springs to Buena Vista."

Obviously and painfully, the apostrophe should not be used for the plurals "golds," "reds," and "oranges." Any well-educated fifth grader (a rarity these days) could tell you that there isn't any doubt about this.

Please, spare all of Colorado's residents the acute embarassment of such egregious apostrophe misuse, and edit this website immediately.


Carey Cuprisin


My apostrophe pet peeve is when they are used after acronyms and dates as in, "he performed hundreds of CABG's during the 1990's" (instead of CABGs and 1990s).

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