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According to this 9 year-old ex-Floridian now living in Colorado Springs:

"I'd rather be in a hurricane than have a bear in the house."


Having seen what a hurricane can do, I think I'll take my chances with the bear.

I live less than a mile from Pike National Forest (in Colorado), so am far more likely to see a bear than a hurricane. However, in twelve years here I have yet to see one, even though neighbors have called several times to report them on adjacent properties. Two summers ago, I think one was just outside our house one night, because our dog went crazy in manner that he had never shown before or since, and the next day are closest neighbor to the north called to report that she had a bear outside her house.

People are pretty sensible in this valley about securing bear attracting nuisances, which probably helps. Why come here went you can visit the Colorado Springs suburbs?