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Exploring the Monadnock

My time in Chicago is about to run out for me this summer, so I've been trying even more than usual to scope out all of what this great city has to offer.

This has been Monadnock Building week for me. On Monday I tried Intelligentsia coffee for the first time at their location in the north half of the Monadnock; on Tuesday I had lunch at Harry's Sandwich Shop in the newer south half of the building; today I got a haircut at Frank's Barber Shop, also in the newer half.

The atmosphere in the Monadnock is just fantastic. It's very old-fashioned, in a good way -- the interiors are warm and inviting, and the ceilings are just the right height to make you feel that the building was made for human-sized people. The tenants add to the old-fashioned feel too. Frank's, for example, has plenty of back issues of Playboy and Penthouse available for browsing as you wait for your haircut. It somehow takes you back to a time before the whole political-correctness thing ever got started (never mind that in the early 20th century real gentlemen could never admit to being fascinated by those kinds of smutty perversions).