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Happy, and sad

Lance Armstrong is going to wrap up his career after this year's Tour de France. Regardless of whether he wins his seventh straight or not, he'll go out on top, by a wide margin.

That's the happy story.

The sad story is Tyler Hamilton's fall from grace. Unless something unexpected happens, i.e. Hamilton is somehow able to prove he didn't dope up, his inspiring ride with a broken collarbone in the 2003 Tour will be eclipsed by his decidedly un-gritty decision to artificially enhance his abilities.


I would want to see someone actually prove that Hamilton doped. I'm not impressed with the quality of this "evidence" that has been relied upon so heavily in such a damaging way. In a court of law we'd never allow evidence this flimsy, this circumstantial. And certainly not attach to it the presumption of guilt! Due process considerations would protect an accused from the tremendous harm serious, but unsubstantiated, accusations could wreak. In the court of public opinion - and within cycling itself - he should be entitled to no less.

For his side of the story: http://www.tylerhamilton.com/.

You're right. No one's proven any of the accusations against Tyler Hamilton. It's still a sad story, any way you slice it.

Either Hamilton doped, and his achievements were artificial, or he's been unfairly drummed out of cycling, and his inspiring rides will always be the second thing we remember about him. Compared with Armstrong's story, the whole thing is sad.