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Prof. Bainbridge has announced that he'll be deleting trackbacks to other bloggers' posts that don't link to his post in return, on the grounds that it's rude. I agree.

Sending trackback pings without including a link to the same blog in your post violates the mutual-backscratching rule of blogging etiquette. The trackback pings send readers of Bainbridge's post to the pinging post, but the pinging post sends no readers to Bainbridge. That's not polite, especially when Bainbridge might never choose to link to the pinging post in the first place.

It's nice when a blog with heavy readership like Bainbridge's sends a few of its readers your way (if only through a trackback link), even when linking to Bainbridge in your post might not be able to send an equal number of readers back to Bainbridge in return (due to a smaller readership).

I say, don't take advantage of a system that inherently benefits smaller blogs. If you ping, then link.


Because I am still using that antiquated system called BLOGGER. I have no idea when someone trackbacked to my article.
I've come to a simple decision. time to switch to typepad.

The birdbrain sure gets his panties in a knot about nothing! What a piece of work that guy is!