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Mondays are busy... But not nearly busy enough.

You are Mayor Wilkins:

"Remember, fast and brutal. It's gonna be a whole new world come nightfall, don't want to weaken now. And boys? Let's watch the swearing."

What "Buffy" Character Are You?

(Via Julie Saltman.)


And another piece of the puzzle falls into place. ;)

um... my monday was plenty busy, thank you very much... i think cindy lauper got it right with her song, "manic monday" - boy i wish it were sunday, that's my fun day...

but alas, it's just another manic monday... okay, enough...


"Manic Monday" was the Bangles, not Cyndi Lauper.

my bad... the eighties are a haze to me now...


I can't seem to get the First. I'm stuck with Spike. It might have something to do with the fact that it's not exactly male or female.