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America's pork problem

Audit Faults U.S. for Its Spending on Port Defense

Since they all say they're committed to making our country safer, I wonder who in the Bush administration is going to take responsibility for this?

After examining four separate rounds of port grants, the inspector general found that the department appeared to be intentionally distributing the money as widely as possible, instead of focusing it on the biggest ports or other locations that intelligence reports suggested were most likely to be future targets.


The audit results appear to support criticism voiced last September by Senator Frank Lautenberg, Democrat of New Jersey, who complained in a letter to President Bush that the methods used to grant the awards did not make sense.

"Your administration awarded port security grants in the states of Oklahoma, Kentucky, New Hampshire and Tennessee," Mr. Lautenberg wrote. "While there may be some form of maritime facilities in these locations, I question whether, of the nation's 361 maritime ports, these locations are truly the front lines on the war on terror."

Looks like it'll take more than just terrorist attacks to cure America of its fondness for pork.