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James McMurtry; weightlifting with mom

What do these two things have in common? Nothing, except that I'm cramming them into the same blog post. Stand back, people, and you won't get hurt.

James McMurtry has been one of my favorite singer/songwriters since the early '90s. I'd pop in "Too Long in the Wasteland" back in the kitchen at Lynx Creek Pizza in Alaska when it was my turn to choose the music, and I'm sure I converted a few of my co-workers to the McMurtry cause by the end of the summer. (Of course, I'm sure I also planted the seeds of an undying McMurtry loathing in some of my colleagues with weaker minds, but I'm not responsible for their shortcomings.) Thudfactor now tells us that there's a new McMurtry live album out there:

James McMurtry continues to be my favorite male vocalist and performer. I recently picked up “Live in Aught-Three” which has fantastic extended jams from his entire catalog. I even like “Chocktaw Bingo” here, and I always skip the track on Saint Mary of the Woods.
Since I never skip "Chocktaw Bingo" on the studio album, I'm sure gonna love this, boy howdy.

On a different subject entirely (don't say you weren't warned), I did some weightlifting with my mom today. We went down to the gym after she got off of work, and I showed her how to use a few of the machines and how do do a few lifts with the dumbbells. When it came to moving the weights in a controlled way, my mom just seemed to "get it." Impressive.

One of the things that impresses me about both my parents is their willingness to try new things that they've never tried before. For too many people, if they haven't tried it by the time they're eighteen, they won't ever try it. I'm very proud of my mom and dad both for refusing to be sticks in the mud. They're both good role models for me.