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Mark Schmitt over at the Decembrist posts a searching commentary on Peter Beinart's suggestions for the democratic party.

While Schmitt is a bit more sympathetic with Beinart's views than I am, he does put the smack-down on the idea that the Democrats should renounce Michael Moore, MoveOn.org, and everyone else who opposed the war in Afghanstan.

There exist true pacifists, Esperanto-speakers, and Level 5 vegans who won't eat anything that casts a shadow, as well as garden-variety infantile leftists. Is it my problem that they find the Democratic Party marginally more congenial to their views than the crazy-interventionist Republican Party?? Why is it my obligation to renounce them?
Read the whole thing. Meanwhile, I need to tear myself away from the blogs and study for my final exams(.)

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