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The University of Chicago

Will Baude calls "sheer nonsense" the suggestion that the University of Chicago might be becoming a leftist bastion unfit for good little conservatives and other sensitive right-wingers:

All that aside, this tallying up and searching for conservatives at Chicago completely misses the point about what makes Chicago great, and what makes it a great place for the "Conservative students and parents" that Kurtz is warning. The University of Chicago's unusually strong commitments to free speech, even when it is uncivil and offensive, make the place welcome for all who believe in questioning orthodoxies on either side. People argue. Others argue back. That's what we do.
I've spent time at a lot of schools: Reed College, the University of Colorado, the University of Michigan, and the University of Chicago. Of all these places, the University of Chicago is far and away the most conducive place for serious (and playful) intellectual inquiry, and the most hostile place for knee-jerk politically-correct views (left, right, up, or down), that I have ever experienced.

The kind of student for whom the University of Chicago would not be a good fit is the student who insists upon being surrounded by a "comfortable" environment, where his or her political views are safe from challenge. A left-wing student of this sort might be better off at UC-Santa Cruz; a conservative student of this sort might do well to choose Hillsdale College. If you don't value real debate, stay away from the U. of Chicago.