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Absentee Ballot

My absentee ballot came in the mail today. Whew! What a relief! I thought it was never going to get here, and that I'd be disenfranchised--I'm so happy!

To celebrate, I opened the envelope very carefully and took out the ballot. I read the instructions carefully: use a #2 pencil or a black pen. Complete the arrow next to your choice like this (example provided).

I reread the instructions to make sure I wouldn't be voting for Pat Buchanan by mistake. I looked up all the state and county judges that were up for retention, and voted to retain all of them (judges should be insulated from the momentary whims of people like me). Then I voted for state legislators. Then the ballot measures.

At last, it was time. I turned my attention to the upper-left-hand corner. George W. Bush/Dick Cheney. Hm. John F. Kerry/John Edwards.

Well, now. I filled in the arrow next to my choice, stood up, went to the kitchen, and poured myself a small glass of wine, to celebrate. Tomorrow, I'll take my ballot down to the post office and mail it in. I've voted.