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This Presidential election must be particularly difficult for people who oppose abortion. Many people who oppose the availability of legal abortions find this issue so central to their moral view of the world that it is almost impossible for them to vote in good conscience for any candidate that supports legal abortions. On this issue, George W. Bush is the only choice.

That is why I feel so much sympathy for these voters. An opposition to abortion does not necessitate a tolerance for stupidity, lies, or a reckless disregard for the public good, but these is exactly what George W. Bush offers. Abortion opponents are left with a candidate who won't violate one of their fundamental moral principles, but who will lie to them, lead their country into unnecessary wars, and work to destroy the system of social responsibility that we've built up over most of the twentieth century.

In our two-party system we often have to swallow our distaste and vote for the lesser of two evils. George W. Bush has reminded many abortion opponents of this suboptimal feature of our electoral system.


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