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I was in Chicago last week for a callback interview, and I was reminded of why I love that city so much. It isn't because of any specific things about the city that people so often point out, and that are so numerous that it would take me all day to list them: the lakeshore, the energy, the food, the architecture, the public transportation, etc.

All those things and more were important for inducing me to love Chicago in the first place, but now it's different. Now, I look at anything that's distinctly Chicago and think "I love that!" Not because it's particularly worthy in itself, but simply because it's Chicago. So I can't tell, now, which came first--the love of the specific thing, or the love of the city.

I suppose this sort of thing is common to all kinds of loves. In the beginning, you can easily say that you love A because of X, Y, and Z. But soon, if you really love A, then almost everything about A becomes lovable just because A has it. Love becomes circular; it's no longer an affect effect that's been clearly caused by things you can identify.

You could tell me that Chicago was pioneering a new style of architecture that involves people living in dark holes, and I'd love that new style because it was pioneered in Chicago.

Is this kind of thing applicable to people that you love? In some ways, it most definitely is. You start to love a person's flaws just as much as you initially loved their excellent qualities. In another way, though, it clearly isn't. A person I loved could start listening to Jon Bon Jovi, or decide to eat nothing but raw cauliflower, or start campaigning for George W. Bush.

Let's just say I wouldn't start eating more cauliflower.


it's no longer an affect that's been clearly caused by things you can identify.
The word you are looking for is effect.

Do you love me anyways?

I don't know.

Have you found that old Bon Jovi tape you were looking for?

I wonder if that logic accounts for the Republican's seemingly inexplicable devotion to GWB, in face of the evidence? Maybe he's their Chicago.

As one who misspent three years of law school in Chicago..... I can only gape openmouthed.... Someone loves Chicago? Who'da thunk it?

Chicago's only redeeming feature is Wrigley Field.... alas, it seems that may not be around much longer.....

Yikes. A person you love could start campaigning for GWBush. What a dilemma. I'd probably break up with the love who campaigns for gw, but other than that, yes it's easy for love to become circular. Makes you like things you never liked before, and your friends wonder who hit you over the head...

On the chi-town tip, I visited the city for the first time last year, and really liked it. Other than the negative 20 degree weather (that's what it felt like)...

Have no worries, there is almost no chance that the person he could break up with would campaign for GWBush. Cauliflower, on the other hand ....