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2L year begins...

This morning, I started reading for my 2L classes: legislation, patent law, health law, and federal antitrust. I think that this means the 2L year has finally begun.

In some way I feel that I ought to commemorate it somehow. So, to mark the beginning of this new year of law school, I will:

  • make certain resolutions, e.g.: to learn as much as possible, to be a positive element in the lives of my classmates, to answer emails from my friends from medical school (I'm working on it, K!), to keep in better touch with my family than I did last year, to write the best note that I can, to learn to cook new things, etc. etc.
  • post this commemorative post on my blog
  • unpack more boxes in the new apartment
  • make shitloads of pesto sauce from all the basil we bought yesterday
  • finish the fantasy novel I'm reading

    If I had a doggie, I'd take the doggie for a commemorative "first day of 2L year" walk in the Arb, but since I don't have a doggie...

    Oh, well. 2L year will be great, but owing to the lack of a doggie, it won't be perfect. I've got to save some room for improvement for 3L year!

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    Congrats. Have a *great* year!

    That's a pretty hefty list....I especially like the part about keeping more in touch with family!

    Didn't you get a cat/kitten? Granted, a cat is a very much inferior substitute for a dog, but surely you could find something cat related to do to start 2L year a little bit more perfectly.

    What do you think about elections?

    http://www.artofresistance.org/bush_mosaic/ - fine thing :)