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Seeking recommendations

Can anyone recommend a trustworthy mechanic in Ann Arbor that can work on my 1985 Subaru?

If you know of any good people, leave a comment or email me. Thanks for your help!


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Leave him a comment! I also have a Subaru (Forester) and the only option I know of is the dealer in town. It would be nice to know of a less expensive - but still reliable - alternative.

Hi Carey (and Denise.) I highly, highly recommend Japanese Auto Professionals on Main Street. I currently have a Subaru they work on, and over the past 10+ years they have worked on my family's Toyotas and Nissan as well. They are extremely honest and fair and are consistently ranked #1 or #2 in all the Ann Arbor polls each year. You will not get screwed or cheated and they know what they are doing. Best wishes.

Thanks for the tip; I'll take my car there and tell them they've been recommended.

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