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I got this bulk email a while back from my law school's career services office. A law firm hoping to recruit new associates was advertising what the social literati among us apparently refer to as a "meet-and-greet." You know, a shmooze session.

The firm's invitation made prominent mention of the fact that there would be a "fromager" present at this little informational soiree. I suppose that's something; it's not every day that one actually gets the chance to talk to a fromager. Maybe the occasional sommelier, but almost never a real fromager.

I meet so few fromagers--dealers in cheese--cheesemongers--that I'm afraid I may not have developed the right mental associations yet. I imagine a short, very plump, red-faced and slightly drunk man in green overalls and a small round hat, talking just a bit too loud and waving his arms around. In each pudgy hand, he grips a wheel of Brie.

That must be wrong. No foofy law firm would invite this guy to a social event designed to seduce young law students with the lure of prestige.