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Outraged moderates; martyrs die off

Julie Saltman uncovers Thad Anderson's Download for Democracy:

During the last four years, the Bush administration's policies have gone against everything Iíve ever learned about how America is supposed to work: as a political science major, as an Eagle Scout, and as a member of a family that has lived in the American South since before the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed...

With each month of the Bush Presidency, and each new shocking abuse of power, it becomes clearer and clearer that what's really at stake in this election isn't merely about partisan politics. Instead, this a choice between standing up to protect America's democratic institutions, or deciding that we just don't care.

Majikthise links to a description of the "absolute dumbest religious movement in history":

The Circumcellions eventually suffered the same fate that befalls most suicide cults -- it died out due to excessive death.


Just writing to thank you for the link, and to say that the site has made some dramatic improvements in terms of verification of documents. Check out yesterday's post for more info.

Also, this is pretty nuts - the site got written up in Le Monde today, a big French paper:


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