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Happy Fourth!

Have a safe holiday. Remember, fireworks and alcohol do not mix. Unless you'd like to spend your holiday in the Emergency Department.

Michelle Au reminds me why I didn't do pediatrics. I'm glad others rush in where I fear to tread.

Donald at Crescat Sententia asks some smart questions about the "war" effort: "Someone, somewhere, will have to address these questions. And sooner rather than later."

Ming guesses 750 hours to win the how-many-hours-have-I-played-Final Fantasy contest on Heidi Bond's blog. This entry will take guesses on how many ways Heidi will find to rhyme "Ming" with "freak" in the prize poem. :)

Is Blogspot the crappiest blog host ever?

Check out this great ERISA link. I know. Geek.


Thanks for the public service message about alcohol and fireworks :). I read that blog about the person doing pediatrics. Disturbing stuff about inner-city health. For many people McDonald's appears to be the main source of food. In any case, dating a resident has made me remember why I didn't go to med school. I find the science of medicine fascinating, but I don't think I can do what she does. So, I went to law school.