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Bio of a Senate candidate

Here's a short bio of Mike Miles, courtesy of the Denver Post. Miles is the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from Colorado who received the most delegate votes at his party's convention (and whose name will appear first on the primary ballot). Try to imagine making the same career moves that Miles has made:

Mike Miles

Age: 47

Hometown: Born in Panama Canal Zone; raised in Fountain [a small, lower-middle-class town south of Colorado Springs]

Occupation: Assistant superintendent, Fountain-Fort Carson School District

Family: Wife, Karen; three children

Education: West Point, B.S. in engineering, 1978; University of California at Berkeley, B.A. in Slavic languages and literature, 1986; Columbia University, M.A. in international affairs and Soviet studies, 1989

Career: U.S. Army Ranger, 1979-81; promoted to company commander, 1981-83; custodian, Colorado Springs, 1983; analyst, Congressional Research Service, summers 1987-89; presidential management intern, U.S. State Department, 1989-90; foreign service officer, U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, Poland, 1991-93; general services officer promoted to special assistant to the U.S. ambassador to Russia in Moscow, 1993-94; teacher, Fountain-Fort Carson High School, 1995-99; principal, Fountain Middle School, 1999-2003

Community service: Human Relations Coalition in Colorado Springs, 1996-99; Citizens Project, 1997-99; Black Leadership Forum, 2000-present

What must have motivated Miles to leave the Foreign Service in order to become a high school teacher? He wasn't chasing brass rings -- not like, say, the Democratic Party fat cats who pretend that Mike Miles doesn't exist.


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