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Armstrong wins Stage 15!

Lance Armstrong outsprinted his closest challenger, Ivan Basso, to win the 15th stage of the Tour de France.

Jan Ullrich tried to make up some time on Armstrong today. He failed. Ullrich's unsuccessful attacks may signal that he doesn't have it in him to challenge Armstrong, Basso, or Kloden in tomorrow's time trial up l'Alpe d'Huez.

(Anyone at all interested in the Tour should follow the stages in real time on the official site. I've linked to it in the upper-right corner of my blog. You can see the action in your mind as you read, and the descriptions of the race are...idiosyncratic. An example from today's stage:

At the front of the lead group is Carlos Sastre (CSC). He has been setting the pace for past couple of minutes but now it's time for Azevedo to take over.
With this posse approaching the cat-2 summit, we can expect to see Virenque pounce at any moment... oh, there he goes. What a surprise!

The big time trial tomorrow may determine the winner. Be sure to tune in.



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