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Law school classes

If you're a pre-law, I'd recommend reading Heidi Bond's suggestions for what to do when you attend a law school class.

Not because every suggestion she makes will be right for everyone (and God knows she's included enough disclaimers to that effect in her post), but because I think her post is a good example of an attitude that might make law school both more fun and more productive. It's an attitude of proactive curiosity.

I've been in school a long time. I've done very well at times, and I've been mediocre at others. In my experience, the times I've done my best were the times that I cultivated a proactive curiosity about what I was doing. This hasn't been possible for me all the time; in fact, I think that if I could turn on the attitude of proactive curiosity like a light switch, there would be something seriously wrong with me--I would be a zombie, or a soulless plastic shell that only looks like a person, and which can sometimes be found doing a residency in pediatrics.*

Nope; you won't always be curious enough in law school to attack a class in the way that Heidi suggests. You may never be curious enough. But that's an unfortunate and inescapable fact of life, in the same category as the fact that you'll occasionally feel nauseous and full of intestinal gas. If you are curious, though, I think Heidi has good advice for putting it to work in law school.
* That's a story from my pediatrics rotation in medical school that's grist for another post. Later.