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George R. R. Martin update

Everyone lucky enough to have read the first three books in George R. R. Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire has been obsessively checking to see whether the next book is done.

Apparently, some people have been getting all huffy about it. They've been emailing Martin and accusing him of luxuriating in hot tubs with hotties in bikinis while his audience grows more frustrated waiting for the book.

These fans need to chill out.

Based on what he's done so far, Martin doesn't need to publish anything else, period. His story isn't finished, but it's already big enough and rich enough that it probably never will be. No matter how many more books Martin writes, his readers will probably wish he had said just a little bit more about this, or about that. We're all lucky that Martin himself feels like he wants to tell more of the story. We should all wait patiently for him to tell it like he wants to.

In the meantime, as Martin suggests, we all have lives to lead. So quit bugging him, and get a life! (Just make sure to wear your seatbelt, since you don't want to get killed before A Feast for Crows comes out...)


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