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Colorado politicians: nothing to be proud of

Usually, the Colorado delegation in the U.S. House and Senate is invisible.

Unfortunately, Colorado's delegation seems to emerge from obscurity only to garner more than their share of embarrassment and ridicule, as exemplified by the recent posturing over gay marriage.

Marilyn Musgrave, a congressional lightweight, has finally been able to grab some media attention by sponsoring a House bill to amend the Constitution to ban gay marriage. The idea is either so trivial, or so constitutionally flippant, that it can't even win support from conservative Rep. Bob Barr, who notes that the Defense of Marriage Act hasn't been found unconstitutional (yet).

And which statesman has sponsored this featherweight legislative idea in the Senate? Yep, Colorado's Republican Senator Wayne Allard, whose other job is to serve as one of President Bush's automatic Senate supporters, no matter how ridiculous the proposal.

Maybe one of these days, Colorado voters will elect a real statesman to either the House or the Senate. But their recent track record doesn't suggest that such a deed is imminent.