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Food-shopping skills

Today, for the first time in many months, I went grocery shopping.

This hadn't been necessary while I was living in Law School-provided housing, because I had a mandatory board contract to eat in the dining hall. Even had I wanted to cook for myself, I had no kitchen in which to do it.* Now, though, my only choices are restaurants or cooking for myself. Since Ann Arbor's restaurants are generally overpriced, I'll do my own cooking. Besides, I'm looking forward to cooking as a satisfying summer activity in its own right.

Anyway, I'm learning that grocery shopping is a skill that gets rusty with disuse. Successful shopping depends on the ability to visualize the raw ingredients in front of you as incomplete parts of potential meals. You see a wedge of brie. A bag of frozen green beans. A bottle of olive oil, and a bag of almonds. Unless you can visualize how you might use these things, your decisions to buy this but not that seem utterly random. Today, it felt a little like that for me. "I haven't put anything in my basket for a whole aisle now, so I think I'll grab this bag of almonds to give me the sense that I'm making progress."

Ok, it wasn't that bad. But there was some of that flavor layered over the whole experience. I'm not sure that semi-random grocery shopping is always a sign of rusty cooking skills, but I think that for me, this time, it was.

* While I could have used friends' kitchens, I was reluctant to because a) using someone else's kitchen infringes upon their personal sphere of autonomy in ways that are mysterious and deeply profound, and b) I was generally too lazy to do it.


Mysterious and deeply profound impingement on my autonomy, huh?

Let me assure you it's nothing of the kind. Particularly if you're cooking for me.

Thanks for the site, good read! Keep up the good work. Also, drop in to my new site anytime ;)

Nice one, like the site a lot.

Nice one, plenty of food for thought there.

Nice one, plenty of food for thought there.

Nice one, plenty of food for thought there.

Nice one, plenty of food for thought there.