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Relying on the unreliable

Here at my law school, we have a computerized registration system. The registrar's office maintains that we can go to a website to register for courses; indeed, this is the only way to register here at my law school.

My experience with this Priority Registration System ("PRS") is that it doesn't work. Sometimes, it gives an error message when I try to log in, explaining that "the system is not available" or some such rubbish. More commonly, any attempts to log in simply time out.

It seems that if you go to the Registrar's Office and use the computers there, things work fine. But otherwise, the system is so unreliable that you must plan to go to the registrar's office to register. Most of the advantages of a computerized registration system are nullified by the system's poor performance.

When I add my frustration with this unreliable Web registration system to my frustration with the Law School's decision to run a Novell network application which is incompatible with Mac OS (preventing me from using the network printers) and its decision to use an exam-taking software system (Electronic Bluebook) which requires all laptops to run some version of Windows, I can't help but rate my law school's IT environment as the single worst aspect of being a student here.

(This means, of course, that everything else has been pretty damn good.)


I never have a problem. But then, I always wait until Thursday or Friday. Maybe they always have the bugs worked out by then.

As a newly admitted summer starter, I actually find it refreshing to run across someone who has something critical to say of the Law School.

I don't have the Mac/Windows problem because I've always been a follower and have always used Windows... ::grin::

I seemed to have isolated the problem to people not using Internet Explorer. The IT people don't want to admit that they're prejudiced against any other browser, but I've found that if I use Netscape (my default) to try to login, it's impossible for a day or two for me to use ANY browser, but if I use IE first or after a few days, then I'm in the system OK. The IT people won't acknowledge that they have a problem, however.

I'm not at all surprised to hear that the PRS privileges the Microsoft product.

I sure hope the school's getting kickbacks or something. Otherwise it sure 'aint worth it...