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"common-interest communities"

Ben has posted more of his thoughts on corporations and accountability. As with most posts I enjoy, I agree with some of his points and profoundly disagree with some others.

But my comments will have to wait for a while. I've been wasting too much time reading about the Colorado Avalanche, who were up 3-1 last night and blew a golden opportunity to bury the Dallas Stars in a really deep hole.

I also need to do some reading for Property class about "common-interest communities" (covenant-controlled subdivisions where you can't paint your house pink or park your beautiful primer-gray '78 Chevy Nova on your own driveway).

I think I'm going to call them "icky, sicky, throw-up communities."


I trademarked the "icky sicky throwup" phrase.

I'll expect your check in the mail.

It was so worth paying royalties this one time...