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The Blog is Back

Thanks go out to Heidi for her help in restoring this blog. Her assistance turned what would have been a multi-day job into a few minutes of work.

So what happened? I don't know. One minute, the blog is working. The next, it's using too much CPU power and overloading everything in sight. Why? Who knows.

If there's one thing I have virtually no patience for, it's a tool that doesn't work. That's why I'll never, ever, ever be a "computer geek." When I think of all the things I could be doing with my time, finding and fixing obscure computer problems ranks pretty close to dead last on the list. It's like sorting through haystacks looking for pins. Some people have told me that they get frustrated with this too, but that they are so elated when they've finally "solved the problem" that it makes all their previous wasted efforts worthwhile. That's why it's so great that people have diverse interests. For every person like me, there's someone who enjoys solving computer problems, so eventually if you cooperate, things run smoothly.

[This, of course, is not meant to imply that Heidi actually enjoyed helping me today. I suspect it was just as much a pain in the ass for her as it was for me. Which is why I'm sincerely grateful for her help. And why I'm explicitly not referring to her when I talk, in general, about people who like to solve computer problems.]

Anyway, until further notice, the comments and trackback functions are disabled.