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Fixing the blog; fixing the Avs

Thanks to everyone who has contributed their know-how to helping me repair my blog, including Heidi Bond and Anthony Rickey.

No, it's not fixed yet, but I'm going to be working on it tonight.

(Hockey Interruptus: What is wrong with the Avs? They'd better wake up soon, or it'll be another first-round exit this year. Fortunately we have another game with Detroit tomorrow. The Red Wings are always good medicine. Especially road games with the Red Wings.)

Tomorrow morning there's a race in the Arb. I haven't decided whether to enter or not. Of course, everyone who knows anything about me knows I wouldn't pass up a chance to go trail running. But one of the greatest reasons to run the trails, for me, is the chance to get away by myself for a while. Running a race seems to defeat that purpose, unless I'm in good enough shape to be out in front the whole time.

Anyway, off to eat and perchance to fix my blog...

P.S.: Ming, I hope you're not too disappointed. Either by my failure to own an Avs jersey, or by the Avs' failure to beat the Red Wings at home, again, yesterday.