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Mountain trail running vs. Sushi

  1. Both are addictive.
  2. Going too hard up Gregory Canyon and getting blitzed by too much wasabi: both hurt, but they make you want to do it again.
  3. Sushi is much more expensive, unless you live in the midwest and have to drive or fly to find good mountain trails.
  4. Sushi is best done with friends. Mountain trail running is usually done by yourself.
  5. It's difficult to describe the joy of both sushi and mountain trail running to someone who's never experienced either.


I'll take sushi, thanks.

hi carey! i found your website. actually i found it last year but i wanted to wish you happy new year for my first comment. happy new year! hope you're enjoying your holiday.

I would disagree with you on number four. Trail running, like most athletic endeavors, is best done with others