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Ten things you didn't know about me

In the spirit of these other blogs, a list:

  1. I am not married.
  2. This does not bother me.
  3. Despite all the flak I take for it, I still like hockey.
  4. For three summers, I worked at this pizza place in Alaska.
  5. I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  6. I spent time in high school in Agujitas, Costa Rica, on the Bajia Drake.
  7. When I was a kid, my favorite sci-fi TV show was Battlestar Galactica.
  8. Now, it's this.
  9. My totem animal.
  10. My nemeses.


(a) I knew all of it
(b) Everybody knows you don't like neocons.

and (c) You're so cute.

I see that my decision to go with livejournal has caused yet another blogging issue. The easiest way to find a permalink is by clickinig on the entry in the "Page Summary" cell. Other options include clicking on the relevant calendar date, finding the entry in the "Archive" link, or using the link that appears when you click the "Leave a comment" option. None of these are quite as efficient as I'd prefer, but this is a newer lj format and I learned too far into the change-over that they weren't quite finished glitch-cleaning. I'm hoping they'll provide a better function soon.

Bears rock, by the way... :)

You like hockey? Cool. We should get tickets to a game at Yost Arena. It's supposed to be the best crowd in college hockey

Were you at the game between us and state? I heard something about it being the largest crowd ever at a college hockey game. I want to go see them play sometime.